Monday, May 19, 2008

Spotted: Denim Cut-offs

Daisy would be Proud!

This is a growing trend that walks a thin line of being trendy or trashy. It doesn't get more casual than a pair of Denim cut-offs they're like a shorter version of sweatpants.
Nicole looks great in my opinion, but I'm a little confused of why Ashley Tisdale would choose to pair hers with a Louis Vuitton bag!? Of Course MK Olsen put a boho chic twist on her shorts.

Mishca, MK, and Lilo show us the variety of ways to wear denim cut-offs. Mischa chose boots and Florals. MK once again chose an over-sized bag with Aviators. While Lilo paired her shorts with a T-shirt and sneakers.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Color Purple

Purple has always been my Mom's favorite color as long as I can remember.
Apparently contrary to my beliefs; my mom has great taste
Katharine McPhee wore this simple purple, strapless number to Allure's "Most Alluring Bodies" Exhibition. Those shoes are stunning, and completely make the outfit.
Actress Paula Patton attended as well, and chose to wear this dark purple Grecian Inspired Dress, accented with a gold belt.

Rachel Bilson is casually cute in this little purple dress. The wooden platform heels add height as well as a sense of... umph

Rhianna has been wearing a lot of purple lately. I am addicted to loosely fitting dresses, even with a small frame, I think there is something elegant about it. Elegance is definitely what I'm getting from Rhianna in this pic, no quite so sure about the belt she chose.

Pre-Cellulite Mischa looks ok. The shoes are a bit boxy, and I can't stand a bubble hem.

Tia Mowry looks amazing. This hue of purple is very eye-catching; it pops. I liked that she paired it with plats, but not those flats. A bold color like this deserves to be paired with metallic shoes.

I must admit, I have a bit of a crush on Christy Turlington. It started when I saw her in that Gap Red ad in a yoga pose, in fact it's featured in my very First post. Once again I am in Love with this hue of purple.

Eva Longoria is a wonderful dresser. I love her clothing choices. She knows how to acessories, most Latin women do. I love everything about her outfit here.

PS. I Love You Mommy!
Pic Credit: WireImage, People,

Friday, May 9, 2008

Jumpsuits/Dollfaced Showdown

Jumpsuits have been popping up everywhere... Especially if they're by Stella McCartney

I saw Sienna in this outfit a long time ago, and I just realized that it was a Jumpsuit and not two separate pieces.

When I first saw this Floral covered jumpsuit on Rhianna, I thought she looked like a That 70's Show reject. I have to admit it grew on me, and apparently grew on actress Angie Harmon as well.

Anita Briem looks stunning in the beige Stella McCartney Jumpsuit with a plunging neckline. I love that she paired it with a cute purple clutch.

Helena Christensen looks amazing in the navy version. It compliments her skin-tone; the beige would wash her out. She chose to pair it with a clutch as well.

Out of the two Pairs, Who do you think wore it best!?

Pic Credit: People,, Fab Sugar

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Friendship is Forever

Atleast with Kimora Lee Simmons and Tyra Banks

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"The World's Best Hair Extensions"

Paris Hilton decided to team up with Dream Catchers to create her very own clip-on Hair extensions line.

While Jessica Simpson has had a successful run along with Celebrity Hair Stylist Ken Paves, with her Hair Extension Line.

May the best blonde win...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Dollfaced Obsession: Nylon magazine

I've been following this mag ever since I got a year's free subscription. I must admit, I'm not the type of person that subscribes to magazines. I'd much rather just purchase the ones that I want. I love their strong yet minimalistic covers, and the cover girls themselves. With the somewhat off-beat pictorials and the relevant insights on fashion, media, and music; you'll be addicted. Nylon Magazine deff. has a creative touch like no other.

Sienna Miller

Ashley Olsen

Lil' Kim

Nicole Richie

Rachel Bilson

The ads aren't overwhelming and the issues are far from mediocre, and is worth purchasing for the layout alone. Usually, the cover stories they do always gives a new perspective on the celeb, because they tend not to ask the obvious questions, as many magazines do. My personal fav. was the interview with Nicole Ritchie.

I am a huge fan of the beauty pieces which is often based on classic movies, bands, and even the cover girls themselves.

For the Guys out there interested in a good read...

Nylon for Guys looks equally stimulating. This is the first Men's magazine that I actually may end up purchasing.