Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Classic White Shirt

An essential piece and any wardrobe, the classic white shirt brings flair to just about anything that it is paired with.
Kristen Davis and Jessica Alba chose to wear their shirts with black, high-waisted, pencil skirts.
Sienna Miller's loose-fitted shirt looks quite stylish when paired with black tights and heels.
Chanel Iman seems to be a fan of tailored white shirts; she wore hers with blue denim as well as black skinny jeans and boots, a look that Keira Knightley seems to be a fan of as well.
Sanaa chose to wear a shirt with a softer side. The ruffled colar is classic but also accentuates her femininity.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Plunging Necklines

Kerry looks fantastic in this eye-opening number. The waist of the dress gives it a vintage look.

This is such a nice gown that Sienna is wearing. I'm a little iffy on the accessories though.

Rhianna looks amazing in blue, which is a rather difficult color to pull off.

I'm sorry, but I think when Nicole was at her thinnest she was also most fashionable, not to say that she isn't now. I love that she's keeping some of her baby weight, she looks healthy now. I love the dress.

Oh Kate this color... I love it, but it doesn't suit you. The dress has an unique cut and lavish material. The deep v-neck with a ruffled collar is a wonderful combination

Dania Ramirez looks stunning, she makes this plunging neckline look trendy rather than racy.
Not a fan of the visible eye concealer though.

Perfection, I love this look. Everything from the beachy hair to the brown eyeshadow with the nude lip. Ashley O's neckline doesn't reveal too much, and I love that.

Joy Bryant manages to wear a plunging neckline with a casual look.

Notice how everyone pictured chose not to wear necklaces, with the exception of Rhianna.
When wearing a plunging neckline you don't want to distract from the neckline itself, so it is best to wear minimal jewelry.

Pic Credit: Just Jared, People,

Spotted: Rhianna Loves Corsets...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Just because...

Alessandra Ambrosio looks amazing!!! She's glowing from her pregnancy. That has got to be the Smallest baby bump I've ever seen. Either way, she looks completely fabulous. Her Maxi Dress is really pretty, I wonder who it's by.

I still can not get over the fact that Ashlee Simpson is Pregnant, and Pete Wentz is the father... Poor baby, boy or girl I'm sure it will adore skinny jeans and eyeliner.

Speaking of Ashlee, She recently created a line of shirt for Wetseal...

If you are under the age of 15 and want to purchase any of Ashlee's items you can find them at Wetseal

Another Simpson

Here Jessica Simpson is sucking face with her boyfriend, Tony Somo at his Birthday Party

These two annoy me... Probably because I watched too many episodes of Newlyweds and thought her and Nick were meant for each other...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Prom: 2 Years Later...

"Prom Tonight"- Not Another Teen Movie
Ok, My boyfriend and I met while in High School, and I was a bit older, think Rhianna and Chris Brown, we're about the same in age difference. Anywho, I took him to My Senior Prom, and Now he's returning the favor. Colleges have 'Formals' but nothing compares to the excitement of PROM. This weekend I will be attending my Boyfriend's prom and I am somewhat excited.

My Dress: It's a floor length BCBG MAX AZRIA Ruched Jersey Knit dress. I got it from a cute little boutique full price, when I could have gotten the SAME exact thing from EBAY tags and all for a 4th of the price(TERESA HILTON). Damn Impulse buys. You win some you lose some, I suppose. I Still LOVE the dress just as much!

Jordin Sparks wore the same dress to the NAACP Image Awards in brown.I like her look, but I needed a bold color lol. I plan to wear a pair of Antique Inspired earrings along with the matching necklace, and a somewhat elegant up-do.

Hair: Like Alicia's, but not so formal... I may have a little hair in my face. I'm still a little 'iffy' on the up-do.

Makeup: I am no makeup expert by any means trust me, but I don't necessarily suck at it either. I want a somewhat simple look, and I love Rhianna's look here, maybe I'll add a few false lashes at the end of my eye to add a natural but more dramatic effect. If Only I had those earrings; I love them.

Hope you guys aren't bored to death with me posting about my prom plans... With Papers and Finals and all the madness of finishing up the semester, Sometimes a girl needs something to look forward to, and Formals just don't do it.

From Abercrmbie & Fitch to This...

Wow, I think Cassie is a beautiful girl, but I honestly think she would be more successful as a model vs. a singer. It takes very little talent these days to produce a cd, it seems as thought they look for the prettiest girls they can find, give them a little training, and put them on a stage wearing very little clothing while making provocative gestures ::Cough Rhianna Cough::. Either way I still love it, and I want the dress as well as the gold watch she's wearing... See what I meant about her being a model.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yikes: Bad Bikinis

Selma is just too old for this bikini. It even has "Juicy" written across the booty. That's what always turned me off from Juicy Couture. Still, this suit would be perfect for a 12-year old.

The hat, the plain black bathing suit, the handful of sand. Rhianna has just one thing on her mind... FUN. She wasn't worrying about being sexy. I honestly do not like the suit, it just doesn't suit her. It looks like one of those sale bikinis where it takes you 15 mins to find a matching top and bottom.

Apparently Britney's Arse says "I Love Peta", wow I honestly don't know how I read that; I may be wrong. Her hair and the color combination are completely OFF.

Kim Kardashian

A string bikini bottom is probably not the right option for someone who is as well endowed as Kim. Paris Hilton recently disclosed in a radio interview that Kim K's arse looked like "cottage cheese inside of a big trash bag." OUCH! Paris always seems to say awful things about her frienimies, when they are in the public eye a lot. Nicole, Lindsay, and now Kim; Jealous Much!?

Serena has an athletic physique, believe it or not. I would not expect anything less from a tennis champion. I honestly don't think she knows how to dress her body, and this swim suit is no exception.

Jennifer Aniston

I love Jennifer Aniston's body, it just looks so healthy. This is an amazing color on her. It looks like a great bikini, but it's rather thin and look uncomfortable from this view.

I am pretty sure Mena Survari put her bikini bottom on backwards... The color, crochet material, and cut are all just awful. This bikini just needs to be burned, because I'm pretty sure not even Heidi Klum could pull it off.

Pic Credit: Just Jared, SkinnyWebsite, and openphoto

Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh Agyness Deyn...

How cute was/is she!?
Pic Credit: Daily Mail

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bag Swag

Kelis and Dania are my fav. Hollywood duo next to Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria. They are often seen shopping and are always photographed together. I saw the whole matching bag thing and I just knew that there had to be something behind it. The bags were huge and did not match their outfits and then I realized SWAG. I did my research until I found out what was in those bags.This limited-edition patent leather Biolage Weekender is not only filled with Biolage Products, but also supports a great cause. 100% of the profits of this $300 bag goes toward the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. 5 Spring Essential Styling Products, a Wonderful Weekend bag, and the gratification of knowing you've supported a great cause; What more could a girl ask for!? If you like what you see, you can purchase it here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Have You No Shame Mr. Madden!?

Steve Madden

I first saw these Lego Inspired Balenciaga heels on Beyonce and didn't know what to think of them. Let's just say I did not find them attractive... the whole technicolor transformer thing was a bit too much for me. That being said I still consider most of Balenciaga designs innovative as well as astonishing. Balenciaga heels are a one of a kind extravagance... until now.

Steve Madden has created tacky, cheaply made knock-offs for $100 compared to the over $4000 price tag for the Balenciaga. I am a fan of Steve Madden flats, but I am not a fan of copying at the expense of another person's creativity. This is unforgivable Steve Madden.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spotted: Nicole Richie

Only Nicole could remain equally fabulous after having a child. She rarely makes an outing without her sunglasses or her "H" for Harlow pendant. She paired this outfit with a pair of black minnetonkas.
I have actually seen her wearing that top as a dress before, and realized I have the exact same one in teal. It looks as though she tucked hers in. I wish I could try on those Chanel shades, just to see what kind of view I could get out of them.

Here she is in yellow, a color that suits her very well. I like her cut off shorts, she manages to pull them off without looking hill-billie.

I love how she adds a splash of red to this outfit, with the vintage Chanel bag.

She looks so laid back here. I like that she can still be stylish in a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Just add a pair of sunglasses and Tah-Dah, it's no-longer a plain outfit.

I am still looking for the perfect v-neck. Apparently everyone else is, because every time I go to a store, it doesn't fit right orrrr it's only available in Large. I guess I'll have to resort to a Men's small or American Apparel. Nicole looks fab here, I'm still trying to figure out the shoe situation, is she wearing tights underneath her jeans!? I know shes been fond of spanx lately.

Pic Credit: