Friday, April 4, 2008

Vest Intentions

Vest aren't just for grade school teachers anymore... They're becoming quite the lingering trend.

Joy Bryant chose to wear her vest with a dress. The beaded necklaces help give it a unique look.

A lot of people have been wearing the cut-off shorts that Lindsay is wearing. I always thought it was a bit tacky. I love her bag, and the Chuck Taylors that she's wearing are on sale at the GAP.Oh Posh, I usually call her Victoria but when she wears something as stylish as this, the old name seems to fit just fine. I love the contrast in the accessories... Red heels with a white Birkin combined with the 'Man Look'-Great look, and one that only VB could pull off.

Kim K, I watched the show last night... I'm hooked. Even with the planned out plots, and the spurious antics; I still enjoy watching it. I must say it was a little disturbing when her little sis got on that Stripper's Pole, and when they taught them about their cycles...

Andi Muise you sexy, sexy woman you. She paired her vest with grey skinnies and a white v-neck. CLASSIC!
What have you gotten yourself into Naomi!?

She was just released on bail... get full story here

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Virtuous Blue said...

I absolutely love this post! I'm a big fan of vests, and it's great to see of the different variations that people used with them. My next venture is a denim one.