Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Prom: 2 Years Later...

"Prom Tonight"- Not Another Teen Movie
Ok, My boyfriend and I met while in High School, and I was a bit older, think Rhianna and Chris Brown, we're about the same in age difference. Anywho, I took him to My Senior Prom, and Now he's returning the favor. Colleges have 'Formals' but nothing compares to the excitement of PROM. This weekend I will be attending my Boyfriend's prom and I am somewhat excited.

My Dress: It's a floor length BCBG MAX AZRIA Ruched Jersey Knit dress. I got it from a cute little boutique full price, when I could have gotten the SAME exact thing from EBAY tags and all for a 4th of the price(TERESA HILTON). Damn Impulse buys. You win some you lose some, I suppose. I Still LOVE the dress just as much!

Jordin Sparks wore the same dress to the NAACP Image Awards in brown.I like her look, but I needed a bold color lol. I plan to wear a pair of Antique Inspired earrings along with the matching necklace, and a somewhat elegant up-do.

Hair: Like Alicia's, but not so formal... I may have a little hair in my face. I'm still a little 'iffy' on the up-do.

Makeup: I am no makeup expert by any means trust me, but I don't necessarily suck at it either. I want a somewhat simple look, and I love Rhianna's look here, maybe I'll add a few false lashes at the end of my eye to add a natural but more dramatic effect. If Only I had those earrings; I love them.

Hope you guys aren't bored to death with me posting about my prom plans... With Papers and Finals and all the madness of finishing up the semester, Sometimes a girl needs something to look forward to, and Formals just don't do it.

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coco said...

It's so exciting doing all the planning
I like how you have worked out everything!