Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yikes: Bad Bikinis

Selma is just too old for this bikini. It even has "Juicy" written across the booty. That's what always turned me off from Juicy Couture. Still, this suit would be perfect for a 12-year old.

The hat, the plain black bathing suit, the handful of sand. Rhianna has just one thing on her mind... FUN. She wasn't worrying about being sexy. I honestly do not like the suit, it just doesn't suit her. It looks like one of those sale bikinis where it takes you 15 mins to find a matching top and bottom.

Apparently Britney's Arse says "I Love Peta", wow I honestly don't know how I read that; I may be wrong. Her hair and the color combination are completely OFF.

Kim Kardashian

A string bikini bottom is probably not the right option for someone who is as well endowed as Kim. Paris Hilton recently disclosed in a radio interview that Kim K's arse looked like "cottage cheese inside of a big trash bag." OUCH! Paris always seems to say awful things about her frienimies, when they are in the public eye a lot. Nicole, Lindsay, and now Kim; Jealous Much!?

Serena has an athletic physique, believe it or not. I would not expect anything less from a tennis champion. I honestly don't think she knows how to dress her body, and this swim suit is no exception.

Jennifer Aniston

I love Jennifer Aniston's body, it just looks so healthy. This is an amazing color on her. It looks like a great bikini, but it's rather thin and look uncomfortable from this view.

I am pretty sure Mena Survari put her bikini bottom on backwards... The color, crochet material, and cut are all just awful. This bikini just needs to be burned, because I'm pretty sure not even Heidi Klum could pull it off.

Pic Credit: Just Jared, SkinnyWebsite, and openphoto


coco said...

That bikini on Britney is so funny!
It would only be her wouldn't it?

Dollfaced Rebel said...

lol yes. Britney is quite the character...

Cate said...

-i hate any clothes that have "juicy" or anything similar written across the booty.
i don't mind rihanna's bikini that much, but britney's is horrible.
kim's bikini is not exactly ugly, but it doesn't suit her body.
jennifer aniston's bikini bottom is OUCH! but she has an amaiiizing body.
gosh mena suvari's bikini is CROCHET? that makes it even worse. i mean i like crochet, but not a crochet BIKINI. and this cut is horrible.

kolin said...

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