Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spotted: Nicole Richie

Only Nicole could remain equally fabulous after having a child. She rarely makes an outing without her sunglasses or her "H" for Harlow pendant. She paired this outfit with a pair of black minnetonkas.
I have actually seen her wearing that top as a dress before, and realized I have the exact same one in teal. It looks as though she tucked hers in. I wish I could try on those Chanel shades, just to see what kind of view I could get out of them.

Here she is in yellow, a color that suits her very well. I like her cut off shorts, she manages to pull them off without looking hill-billie.

I love how she adds a splash of red to this outfit, with the vintage Chanel bag.

She looks so laid back here. I like that she can still be stylish in a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Just add a pair of sunglasses and Tah-Dah, it's no-longer a plain outfit.

I am still looking for the perfect v-neck. Apparently everyone else is, because every time I go to a store, it doesn't fit right orrrr it's only available in Large. I guess I'll have to resort to a Men's small or American Apparel. Nicole looks fab here, I'm still trying to figure out the shoe situation, is she wearing tights underneath her jeans!? I know shes been fond of spanx lately.

Pic Credit: Celebrity-Gossip.net


coco said...

her and those chanel shades!
I wonder is Harlow has a mini pair too!

Anonymous said...

i found the perfect vneck! brand is Lamixx found at 80spurple.com they have it white high and a low vneck in brown. plus its vintage inspired. check it out! great post by the way.