Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First Post... Be Inspi(red)

I love this Line... (Gap Red)! I purchased the limited addition tee, with "2 Weeks" on the front. According to the Gap Website, “Contributions from this limited edition T are equivalent to the average cost of 2 weeks of medicine which will enable people living with HIV to lead healthy, normal lives. This compelling message is printed along the interior hemline: "THIS (PRODUCT) RED T-SHIRT = 2 WEEKS OF AIDS MEDICINE IN AFRICA." I admit the t-shirts are appropriately priced, but some of the items on the line are a bit pricey. The gap does have sales, and the items are extremely well-made. I wear my shirt with pride, and recieve tons of inquiries about it. Be Ispi(red) to purchase Gap Red clothing, every item you purchase create proceeds that go to Developing contries that are affected by HIV and AIDS.

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