Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dollfaced Obsession: Sir Alistair Rai

Designed by Kiran Rai, Sir Alistair Rai includes her line of tees, dresses, and scarves promoting peace, love, and happiness. The stay-at-home mom came up with the idea for Sir Alistair Rai (she made up the name), after contemplating raising kids during wartime and being inspired by Gandhi's message of love and compassion. While her desi heritage comes out in many of her designs, emblazoned with Oms, along with images of Ganesh, there's a lot more to Kiran's designs.

She also created the infamous "Obama For Change" popularized by none other than Halle Berry and later by Kim Kardashian.

Photo Credit: Fashion Bomb

She even donates proceeds of her profits to Obama's campaign, as well as certain relief funds. She's also working with organic fabrics and dyes.

Let's not forget her Famous collection of scarves. They are not only Beautiful, They have a Huge Celeb Following.

Drew Barrymore (nirali magazine)

Nicole Richie (Dot Spotter)

Jessica Alba(Dot Spotter)

Lindsay Lohan

I want one of these scarves so badly I can taste it. Due to their growing popularity there is a bit of a wait. Seeing as though the scarves are Not mass-produced, but are hand painted in India and printed with Hindu/Buddhist prayers, the wait is completely understandable.

Even Hayden Panettiere, is a fan of the wonderful Spring Jaipur Dress.

Now you see why Sir Alistair Rai is this month's current obsession. With the assortment of; scarves, shirts, dresses, and even some tempting men's clothing(as seen on Ricky Martin). I love the tee's with such inspirational messages on them, and they're even on sale for $15!

Check out these items and others at http://www.siralistairrai.com/shop/index.htm

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