Friday, February 29, 2008

Rockable Trends

White and Black

Kimberly Stewart looks uber-chic wearing this white dress with black tights and shoes
A hint of Red.
Pre-preggers Nicole looks great here with red accessories.

Over-sized Silk Dresses
Tia Mowry looks classy and casual at the same time, This look is perfect for any
low profile event.

"Geek" Glasses

I am truly loving this trend! I have a pair, I wear them on my down days, when I want
a different look. It's perect when you want to go fresh-faced. Ashley O looks
Stunning here, one of my fav. looks on her, Can I have that Hermes bag?

Happy Leap Day!!! I feel sorry for those of you born on Feb 29, it must suck to only be able to celebrate every four years... lol jk

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coco said...

Normally I'm not into Kimberly but she looks fab in that picture