Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fresh for Spring, Dresses with Bling

Ok, so no one uses "bling" that much anymore, but I thought it was worth a try... What better way is there to describe the way these stars shine in their stunning metallic inspired dresses.
Rhianna finds a way to perfectly combine her silver-toned dress with equally fabulous shoes.

These three divas Definitely know how to spice it up with metallic striped sequined dresses

Rachel manages to pull off this timeless one-shoulder.

Caution: Use this trend in Moderation...

WHOA... that is all.

LiLo is the perfect example of When sequins go terribly wrong. Sequins can be a perfect accent to a dress, but they are not meant to look like fish scales...


Anonymous said...

BEYONCE looking good in dat dress

Madisyn said...

Just Amazing dresses!! I like to pick one of them!!