Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yikes: Bad Dye Jobs

We all get bored with our hair at times, but that's no reason to punish it... Just take a look at these celebs that went a little over-board.

Photo Credit:YBF
Fantasia Stinks, Or at least her new-do does, it's kind of skunkish...
Owen Wilson Decided to go darker, it adds 10 more years to his face even with a fresh shave.
Photo Credit: People

Selma always looks so elegant with her short black hair; when she went blonde, not so much. She
kept the dark eyebrows?

Photo Credit: People
Mary-Kate opted for a "different" shade of Blonde

Mischa... ? Really?

Beyonce, That color is just plain awful, and why you chose to wear All black is
beyond me

Photo Credit: Batch Please
Kelis with the Cotton Candy hair...

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Bev said...

Fantasia looks SO nasty