Friday, February 29, 2008

Rockable Trends

White and Black

Kimberly Stewart looks uber-chic wearing this white dress with black tights and shoes
A hint of Red.
Pre-preggers Nicole looks great here with red accessories.

Over-sized Silk Dresses
Tia Mowry looks classy and casual at the same time, This look is perfect for any
low profile event.

"Geek" Glasses

I am truly loving this trend! I have a pair, I wear them on my down days, when I want
a different look. It's perect when you want to go fresh-faced. Ashley O looks
Stunning here, one of my fav. looks on her, Can I have that Hermes bag?

Happy Leap Day!!! I feel sorry for those of you born on Feb 29, it must suck to only be able to celebrate every four years... lol jk

Jay Z "I Know" video feat. Zoe Kravitz

Check Out the Video for "I Know" by Jay Z and the video features Zoe Kravitz!!! How Great is that!?

I was so excited to see Zoe K in this video. The subject of this song is clearly addiction, and Zoe plays various addicts. This video is somewhat different from other Jay Z videos, because He is no where in sight.

I kind of miss her hair longer...

This Girl has style. She gets it from Lenny

Lenny Kravitz must be one of the coolest Dads on the Planet. Speaking of Addictions, I must say I have been a Lenny Kravitz Addict for most of my life... lol. It's very evident that he has a very close relationship with his daughter, I wonder how often she gets to see her mother, Lisa Bonet?

Did you notice Jay Z mentions one of Beyonce's Additions?!

Christian Louboutins!!!

"I am so DOPE. Like Louboutins with the red bottoms. You gotta have 'em, you glad you got 'em"

If you take notice, Beyonce has a HUGE collection of Christian Louboutins. In the pictures above she's wearing the infamous "Fox Trot" heels.
WOW! At over $700 a pop, these are an addiction only for the hardcore shoe addicts!...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I found it!!!

A couple of days ago I was admiring a red peacoat with gold buttons that Jordin Sparks wore in her No Air Video... It's by Juicy Couture and I found it here

As seen here on Katherine Heigl

I Also found the Perfect Bright Pink Polish!

"A fast drying, high gloss nail color with natural pearl that provides superior chip resistance and up to two weeks of dazzling color." It's true so true. Orly "Lola" Is much like the color seen on Mary-Kate and Ashanti below. I've never used this polish before, because I'm more of an OPI type of girl. That being said, even I feel a bit foolish paying 8 bucks for a bottle of polish, but I got a bottle of Orly for half the price!

I NEED these shoes in my life right now... Really

Ohhhhh Sparkly...... Manolo Blahniks

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dollfaced Trend: Colored Manicures!!

Aww Britney, Are You mad because Fake, tacky French Manicures are OUT!
And bright colorful nails are IN!
This bright pink polish that Ashanti is wearing is quite stylish!

Mary-Kate chose a Bright Pink Also! It brightens up the dark colors she's always wearing.

Rhianna LOVES Bright nails!!! Just look at this bright Neon Color, she's not afraid to take chances.

Lauren Conrad opted for a Darker color...So classy, Nails can be the perfect accessory to
any outfit

Beyonce proves that this look is even suitable for the red carpet.

Yikes: Bad Dye Jobs

We all get bored with our hair at times, but that's no reason to punish it... Just take a look at these celebs that went a little over-board.

Photo Credit:YBF
Fantasia Stinks, Or at least her new-do does, it's kind of skunkish...
Owen Wilson Decided to go darker, it adds 10 more years to his face even with a fresh shave.
Photo Credit: People

Selma always looks so elegant with her short black hair; when she went blonde, not so much. She
kept the dark eyebrows?

Photo Credit: People
Mary-Kate opted for a "different" shade of Blonde

Mischa... ? Really?

Beyonce, That color is just plain awful, and why you chose to wear All black is
beyond me

Photo Credit: Batch Please
Kelis with the Cotton Candy hair...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dollfaced Obsession: Sir Alistair Rai

Designed by Kiran Rai, Sir Alistair Rai includes her line of tees, dresses, and scarves promoting peace, love, and happiness. The stay-at-home mom came up with the idea for Sir Alistair Rai (she made up the name), after contemplating raising kids during wartime and being inspired by Gandhi's message of love and compassion. While her desi heritage comes out in many of her designs, emblazoned with Oms, along with images of Ganesh, there's a lot more to Kiran's designs.

She also created the infamous "Obama For Change" popularized by none other than Halle Berry and later by Kim Kardashian.

Photo Credit: Fashion Bomb

She even donates proceeds of her profits to Obama's campaign, as well as certain relief funds. She's also working with organic fabrics and dyes.

Let's not forget her Famous collection of scarves. They are not only Beautiful, They have a Huge Celeb Following.

Drew Barrymore (nirali magazine)

Nicole Richie (Dot Spotter)

Jessica Alba(Dot Spotter)

Lindsay Lohan

I want one of these scarves so badly I can taste it. Due to their growing popularity there is a bit of a wait. Seeing as though the scarves are Not mass-produced, but are hand painted in India and printed with Hindu/Buddhist prayers, the wait is completely understandable.

Even Hayden Panettiere, is a fan of the wonderful Spring Jaipur Dress.

Now you see why Sir Alistair Rai is this month's current obsession. With the assortment of; scarves, shirts, dresses, and even some tempting men's clothing(as seen on Ricky Martin). I love the tee's with such inspirational messages on them, and they're even on sale for $15!

Check out these items and others at

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dollfaced Beauty

I Live for Nars Cosmetics...
Every time I stop by Sephora I am lured in by the clever names and the unique colors. My favorite lip gloss would have to be Orgasm hands-down. This peachy nudish pink with gold undertones rocks my world.

I even pair it with the blush/bronzer duo Orgasm/Laguna. I love everything about this Duo, even down to the rubbery like, chic, case that prevents cracking. These colors are completely natural looking on all skintones.

Now for a sweet smelling scent that is not the least bit over powering: Amazing Grace by Philosophy

As you can see it is a Best of Sephora 2007 Award Winner. This scent has an Amazing following! I'm not surprised because I am very picky when it comes down to my scents. I don't have Many!! The only other scent I wear is Body Kourvos by Yves Saint Laurent, and that has been discontinued, I have been rationing my bottle since I bought it by chance in Aruba a couple of Christmases ago, I searched for it in soo many fragrance stores... It took a lot of sniffs, sneezes, and awkward glances from sales associates to find a store that had just two bottles left... Enough about that.

Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this month's Dollfaced Beauty Segment, now go out in give one of these products a try. You can find them here on

Photo Credit:

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dollfaced Showdown: "Carrie"-SJP vs. Christina

Christina Milian was spotted wearing this dress at a Reebok event. Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted on the set of the SEX and the City Movie wearing the dress but in a completely different way...My question to you is Who wore it better? *I'm counting down the days until SITCM comes out Yay! Until then... I'll happily watch reruns*

Photo Credit: YBF and Just Jared

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dollfaced Tunes: "No Air"Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate American Idol with a Passion, and Jordin Sparks was no exception to this rule. That was until I heard this song. I liked the Tune and the singing is very well done. A great duet with her and Chris. I could not wait to see the video... So here it is... Take a peek at the red peacoat with the Gold buttons that she's wearing... I ::heart:: IT!

Fresh for Spring, Dresses with Bling

Ok, so no one uses "bling" that much anymore, but I thought it was worth a try... What better way is there to describe the way these stars shine in their stunning metallic inspired dresses.
Rhianna finds a way to perfectly combine her silver-toned dress with equally fabulous shoes.

These three divas Definitely know how to spice it up with metallic striped sequined dresses

Rachel manages to pull off this timeless one-shoulder.

Caution: Use this trend in Moderation...

WHOA... that is all.

LiLo is the perfect example of When sequins go terribly wrong. Sequins can be a perfect accent to a dress, but they are not meant to look like fish scales...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dollfaced Girl Crush: Rhianna!

No matter if she's walking the streets in nothing more than a Dsquared tee, and a Vintage Chanel bag or posing provocatively in a Giant Magazine Spread, It's difficult to deny apparent sexiness and individual style that Rhianna has. It's no wonder R&B singer Chris brown is rumored to be pursuing her. This Island babe is the Dollfaced Girl Crush of the Month!

Nobdy Pulls off Boho Chic Like Nicole...

Mummy Dearest and Style Icon Nicole Richie, loves Her Maxi Dresses. As a rebel, I tend not to follow the Trends, but this is one that I want to try. I recently developed a liking for dresses. I wasn't a fan because I hate displaying my legs, due to the fact that they are painfully skinny. The Maxi Dress is the perfect solution to that problem.