Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Effortless Style

Mary-Kate can always pull this look off... It's obvious to see which Olsen twin I prefer. I know it's not nice to choose favorites but... I am still on the prowl for a powder blue Oxford shirt, and a "Men's" watch.
Ohh Sanaa... The hair, the shoes, the make-up, all look great. I am not a fan of the pose, but I love you anyway.

Hayden manages to get it right more than once in a while, though she is not a fav. of mine and I can not manage to spell her last name without the help of Google, I really love her look here.

Kristen Bell never looked so good! This may have taken some effort and a good stylist, but she looks well put together. Some celebs try too hard which usually ends up with them being over-done, but not here... I love this casual look.


Shaz said...

Thats Ashley Olsen in the first pic, only she can wear something without making it look dirty or messy but still effortless. I love her watch, her sunglasses and shirt great look!!

Dollfaced Rebel said...

Thanx Shaz! I guess their style is the only way you can tell them apart, and I haven't gotten it down yet!

Laura Jane said...

Love the blog!

It really is great! You have loads of fantastic pictures, better than mine! I love Sanaa Lathan's outfit here, she looks gorgeous. Where did u find the picture?

Keep up the good work :)

Laura Jane xx