Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Love her Style! Zoe Saldana

The beautiful Zoe Saldana, with a name like Zoe she has to be strikingly fabulous. She has such stunning features and a dancer's physique, which means she can wear anything. I'm a huge fan of her acting and her looks;

I loved this outfit... perfectly paired with a cute clutch and heels. Her straight and sleek hair
completes the look.

Boots, Skinny jeans, A peasant top, and black nail polish; Lets not forget the hat...I wish she had lol jk. Not many people could pull this look off, but I think she does.


I loved this spread she did in Instyle Mag. Sept 2007 Issue!

Her hair looks great here, she really knows how to work her hair into every outfit. Your hair is your greatest accessory... That color really brings out her complexion.

This pale pink baby-doll dress is adorable, but in a good way. She chose to pair it with subtle black peep-toes and a small black clutch, so it wouldn't take away from the gorgeousness of the dress

Wow... Thigh-high Leather boots with a sheer dress and romantic waves.

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Blue Eyed Angel said...

I want to love Zoe's makeup..but she can do so much better..I agree she's a pretty girl..but her style is boring to me..