Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Friday... I'm in Love

Yesterday was the last day of classes, because of Easter Break. It was relatively warm so I decided to change out of my black skinny jeans and into a short, patterned, silk dress. Little did I know that though it was a beautiful day, it was quite windy. I finished my afternoon class and headed back to the dorm and all of a sudden a giant gust of wind came and blew my dress up! Let's just say is wasn't as glamorous as Marilyn up there, plus the undies that I wore didn't provide much coverage, so basically I was "arsed-out"! LOL, Luckily I go to a women's college and the only girl who witnessed it gave me a look of sympathy and a silent chuckle.
After this incident I am on the prowl for the perfect undies that; A. Give great Coverage, B. Are comfortable, and C. Are thin enough to wear under sheer fabrics...oh yea and let's not forget D. Are a reasonable Price... As a person who believes you can never have enough under-garments, I was shocked to see I had only a few that met this criteria. Believe it or not I LOVE the Selection of intimates that are Available at the GAPbody store.

Ultra Sheer Bikini

These are the Ultra Sheer Bikini and they're made of a comfortable stretch nylon material

The Hipster

I actually own several pairs of these in different cuts, I don't know how they do it, but these are super smooth and they're also completely seemless, and rather comfy too.

The 'Girl' Short

What a cool name... Ultra Low Stretch Cotton, You can never go wrong with cotton!

GAPbody has become a fav. of mine, they have great quality and comfortable selection of bras and panties that go up to an XXL and a 40DD. Victoria's Secret is great but I've noticed that with all of their Advertising, the quality has deff. fallen. These items can be found on the GAP website.


coco said...

I had a similar experience in a white skirt on a bridge in london where it just blew right up!

Adele said...

college with no boys sounds good! lolx

Dollfaced Rebel said...

OMGosh Coco I could only imagine!
College with no boys lol you can always count on people holding the doors open and baking sweets it has it's perks..

Aisha said...

I love the ones you called 'hipsters' and... don't worry everynody will have a marilyn experience once in life ;)