Saturday, March 15, 2008


Aldo Kalamai Sandals

I am in love with these!!! The perfect summer sandal. I actually prefer the gold pair, but they are selling out like wildfire. I just checked the site and they are officially sold out of the gold. I know stores usually get an abundant amount of "common" sizes, I usually wear a size 6 or smaller depending on make, so I end up lucking up or have no luck what so ever with shoes.

I'm also intrigued by the concept of Gladiator sandals... At first I was not a fan of them, but I think that they are a trend that has to kind or "grow" on you.

Rachel Bilson has to be one of the cutest 27 year-olds I've ever seen... she doesn't look her age at all. Some girls just have all the luck. I love her sandals here.

Miley Cyrus seems to be a sweet girl... I may not like some of her choices in clothing, but she's still young, It's deff. understandable. I love her cardigan and tank combination, but the bottom half of her outfit doesn't seem to go. I still want her sandals.

I love this look Vanessa Hudgens is wearing... excluding the sandal straps over the jeans... that's a NO-NO. It's still a well put together look though.

(Pic Credit: Just Jared and Aldo)


Romany said...

I'm so jealous of Rachel Bilson's hair - apparently me and her use the shampoo, so...fingers crossed! Lol.
Miley usually looks good (despite my dislike of her), but here it's just all wrong.
And Vanessa, straps over jeans?? What were you thinking?
Aside from all that, gladiator sandals are beginning to grow on me, too...unfortunately I have massive feet so the whole big feet and excessive strap-age combo just wouldn't work, lol.

I love your name! 'Dollfaced Rebel' - I call my friends dollface all the time lol. Love it.

Meghann said...

Thanks for the sweet comment and the add to your blog roll! I love your blog as well and will add you to mine!

I think I have to head over to Old Navy and see if they have any more Gladiator sandals - I love them!