Saturday, March 29, 2008

If the Mullet were a dress...

It would be definitely be a Shirt Dress... The Mullet is said to be "Business in the front, and party in the back". Though it is an atrocious hair 'style' it does have an important attribute; Versatility!! A shirt dress can give you that same option, it combines the comfort and casual look of a shirt with the sexy and femininity look of a dress.

I love the look that Mischa is wearing. An all black ruffled shirt dress with a casual pair of Ked's.

I remember seeing Eva Longoria at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and thinking her look was Perfection! I loved here beige ruffled number with the black detailing, and she chose to play up the back by wear black accessories.
Christina always seems to go for a sexy look. This short pale pink number shows a lot of leg. Shirt dresses can also be worn with jeans, but then it wouldn't be a dress...but it would still be stylish.
Oh Cassie... I really like this look. I haven't gotten the whole Belt/Dress look down yet, but she nailed it here! I love those boots!

Soon after Amerie was seen in this GAP shirt dress... They sold out! The nude round-toes and the bag complete this look! Mixing inexpensive and expensive is always a good look. I love when celebs do it.

Nicole looks great in this white laced-out shirt dress. The Shirt/Dress ratio is leaning a little more toward the dressy side but I like it anyway.

I spotted this Mocha Ruffled Shirt Dress on the Fashion Bomb. I fell in love with it. It's only $118 at and comes in Bright Coral also! I'm going to have to add it to my list of things I Need in my life right now.


Elle said...

Nice post darling! Thanks so much for stopping by...I love your blog. That Beyonce pic is fierce! Keep up the fab work :)

Libbi xx said...

Hi, wow that look looks stunning on Eva Longoria and Christina Agularia (Sorry if I spelt those wrong), hells work reaaly well with it! Its a style they have on that advert when the woman cant decide what to wear so she puts on a white shirt with a collar and puts a leather belt and necklace on and goes out to a resturant lookingamazing! Same thing almost - The cheaper version a guess!

coco said...

I love all of these apart from the Roberto Cavalli for H&M on Eva
I really hate that one!

Fashion Ivy said...

I really like shirt dresses. I especially like the ones Amerie, Eva and Nicole wore.

lipsticklacebrassknuckles said...

I love it....if the mullet were a dress...cute! That brown dress is a winner, I'm so glad I came across this site, I have a new site to check dailty lol!